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Winzerhof Stahl

Simmershofen • Germany

weingueter.jpgPhoto: Deutsches Weininstitut
Barrique cellar in a German winery

The wines at a glance

The rating of the wine reflects the mean value from a tasting by our jury.
The wine was evaluated in a blind tasting.
The wine was tasted as a barrel sample or before an official test number (Amtliche Prüfungsnummer or Staatliche Prüfnummer) was issued.
The wine exhibited a sensory abnormality during our tasting. This does not necessarily have to be a qualitative defect or a wine fault. In the case of a qualitative impairment, a devaluation or rejection was made depending on the type and severity of the defect or wine fault.

Winzerhof Stahl

Lange Dorfstraße 21
97215 Simmershofen
Phone: +49 9848 96896
Fax: +49 9848 96898
Internet: www.winzerhof-stahl.de
E‑mail: mail@winzerhof-stahl.de

WinewhitedrySauvignon Blanc

2019 Felswand Sauvignon Blanc


Landwein Main • Geschützte geografische Angabe (g. g. A.)

Lot 381 20 • 13.5 % alcohol


Tasted on 29 March 2021 by Werner Elflein

Grey lemon yellow. In the nose, initially only discreet fruity hints, then with a little air, distinct Sauvignon aromas with notes of elderberry, pink grapefruit and some gooseberry. An impressive minerality unfolds on the tongue, which, in keeping with the name of the wine, is reminiscent of a rock face made of pure shell limestone. Puristic and sparse on the one hand, but on the other hand still very fruity, which makes it seem as if the wine consists of two factions that are not necessarily reconciled, but rather wait and watch each other critically. Good body, adequate acidity, excellent length, vibrant finish. Great and sophisticated Sauvignon Blanc.

Sparkling winerosébrut naturePinot Noir

2018 Best of Pinot Rosé Sekt brut nature


Amtliche Prüfungsnummer 7251 667 20 • 12 % alcohol


Tasted on 19 October 2021 by our jury


Tasted on 19 October 2021 by Werner Elflein


Tasted on 21 January 2021 by Werner Elflein


Tasted on 21 January 2021 by Werner Elflein and Ioulia Elflein under four eyes

Cuvée of Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier. Deep, slightly purplish pink. Fine perlage. Focused, straight Pinot scent of partly ripe, partly pickled strawberry with a hint of raspberry and some sauerkraut in the background. Delicately yeasty on the tongue, strawberry again, finesse-rich carbonic acid, exciting fruit acid, fresh and invigorating, very good length.


2018 Randersacker Sonnenstuhl Chardonnay Grande Reserve Qualitätswein


Franken • Geschützte Ursprungsbezeichnung (g. U.)

Amtliche Prüfungsnummer 7251 999 20 • 13.5 % alcohol


Tasted on 10 April 2021 by Werner Elflein

Golden yellow. Cool, citrusy aroma with clear hints of flint. In the background a little caramel and vanilla. Highly mineral and marked by the chalky soil, definitely reminiscent of Burgundy, but at the same time independent style, but also likely to polarize due to its uncompromising stringency in terms of varietal character and origin. Great freshness, vital acidity, complex and with excellent length and persistence. Can (and should) still mature.

Pétillant NaturelwhitedryBacchusScheurebe

2018 Pétillant Naturel fumé Sekt


Lot 7251 1 18 • 12 % alcohol


Tasted on 20 September 2021 by our jury


Tasted on 20 September 2021 by Werner Elflein


Tasted on 4 August 2021 by Werner Elflein


Tasted on 4 August 2021 by Werner Elflein and Ioulia Elflein under four eyes

Cuvée of Bacchus and Scheurebe. Full golden yellow. Fine, lively perlage. Individual bubbles rise visibly in the glass. Smells of rendered bacon and smoked bacon, dried fruit, pear, quince. In addition, lactic hints and notes of lightly caramelised sugar. Present carbonic acid, acidic note on the palate, foams on the tongue, very good length.